How incredible would it be to be able to communicate professionally with other business professionals without feeling FEARFUL? Wouldn’t it be so much more relaxing if you were confident that what you were communicating professionally and politely?

Welcome to Busi English for busy professionals! I focus on Business English Online Courses and Business English Coaching Sessions which help you to sound more professional, polite and communicate more effectively when using your Business English at the workplace.

Sign up for a FREE mini online introductory course on Business English Diplomacy (on your right) which includes content, exercises and personalised feedback. This will help you get an idea of what Business English Diplomacy is all about and you can then move onto our more comprehensive Business English Diplomacy courses!


What do we do at Busi English?

We focus on coaching our busy Business English professionals to communicate more effectively and to politely. Assisting our professionals to sound professional and find the right tone, right language and to make sure that they don’t come across as rude or offend customers, suppliers and colleagues when using their Business English in the work place. It is often tricky when we are not speaking in our native language to get the right ‘tone’ when communicating. We want our business professionals to be diplomatic while communicating.

English is a more indirect language and this is something non-native speakers should be made more aware of when learning English. Busi English is going to help you with this so that you can sound and interact just like a confident, native Business English speaker!

What does it MEAN to be diplomatic in the workplace?

Being diplomatic is all about being polite, courteous and professional while communicating effectively with colleagues, clients and suppliers.

We would love to help you with your Business English learning and make your professional English dreams (and everything which flows from this) a reality. Before you know it, these dealings using your Business English will feel like second nature to you and you can concentrate on actually doing the business and closing those sales! We offer both online courses and also coaching sessions. Our online courses are aimed at an Intermediate level of English and upwards.

 I am a native English Speaker and I have a finance degree and 9 years of working experience in the business worldI have a TEFL qualification and many years of experience teaching English in a classroom and also online.

 Please get in touch so we can chat further!

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